Research Assistant/Lab Director

Name LEVEL E-mail
Sapir Goldwasser MSc photo
Angel Sussman MSc

Advanced graduate students & fellows

Name LEVEL Research subject E-mail
Andre Zhulpa Camporesi‏ PhD student Human dimension in ocean conservation
Andre photo
Olga Vdov PhD student Shifting baselines for environmental impact assessment
Olga Vdov photo
Inbar Schwartz PhD student Utilizing technological advancements for marine spatial planning
Inbar Schwartz photo
Mabel Augustowski PhD student SCUBA tourism planning in marine protected areas;
Mabel Augustowski photo


Name LEVEL Research subject E-mail
Dr. Ateret Shabtay PhD (graduated 2018) Marine infrastructure for conservation
Ateret Shabtay-Yanai photo
Dr. Benny Furst Postdoc Fellow (2017) Infrastructure policy and NIMBY
benny photo
Dr. Shula Goulden Postdoc Fellow (2016-2017) Water sensitive urban design
Shula Goulden photo
Dr. Ruth Brennan Postdoc Fellow (2016) Land-based sources of marine litter
Dr. Yael Teff-Seker Postdoc Fellow (2013-2016) Marine policy; environmental education
Sharon Salkinder M.Sc Archeological sites as neighborhood open spaces
Emri Brickner M.Sc Planning for tsunami preparedness
Aviva Yasner M.Sc Net-zero energy planning on Air Force bases
Nadav Shapira M.Sc Water sensitive planning
Efrat Bar M.Sc Influence of fishing culture on marine protected areas (MPAs)
Asaf Zanzuri M.Sc MPAs and the public trust (MPAs)
Eshkar Eliahu M.Sc Polluted lands (brownfields) & effects on nearby urban renewal